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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Toy Review: SH Figuarts Gatack and EX Gatack Extender

Another review of Gatack but in SH Figuarts form. I know I'm already late in collecting SH Figuarts and just started to get the SHF Kabuto line. To be honest, it is quite easy to collect them all since there continues to be an abundance of the Kabuto line. The problem is that  this year, there is a wave new SHFs after SHFs coming along which makes it more difficult...Kamen Riders and recently Super Sentai..*sniff. Anyone knows any easy part time job? Quick money schemes?

Gatack is part of the old SHF box design - grey, dull and without a profile photo on the side. This SHF is somewhat better than my COR version because of the consistency of the paint apps, almost correct body part ratio and flexibility. Downside would be, unlike my COR, doesn't have cast parts which at that time (of the release) many where hoping that it would be included in SHF Kabuto line.

Gatack comes with Double Calibur and six hands, with the close fists as default hands. The design of the hands are actually the same as Kabuto. You can even borrow Kabuto's hand for Gatack to copy the "walking the path of heaven" pose. Haha. Gatack's lower half is molded from SHF Kabuto so the articulation and poseabilities are almost the same.

His other accessory is the infamous Gatack Double Calibur that ups the ante to the COR - details are superb and doesn't look awkward like my COR.The Double Calibur fits well into the grip hands and does offer bit more in terms of posing. I'm a little disappointed on the detail of the Gatack Zecter, it looks more plain than COR.

I'm surprised when I bought SHF Gatack on eBay, because during transaction the seller gave me a free bike...best deal I ever had on eBay.

Gatack Extender Bike

When taken out of the box, the Extender bike is already in EX mode that looks like a huge stag beetle with a platform. What I like about this bike is the simplicity of its gimmick. Close the two halves, connect the two handle bars and push back the horns and voila! it is in bike mode. Placing this back into "platform" mode is just as simple - opened to its fullest the horns pop automatically - happy spring loaded action.The just like its rider, the bike is also a shiny, metallic blue clean finish.

Another thing to note is that in platform mode, it has small wheels to make it move while Gatack is standing. The hidden wheels are solid and aligned. One can nitpick about the horns being loose, but it doesn't bother me at all as seems sturdy to me. I almost forgot to mention that the only disappointing part about the bike is the ratchety kick stand because it doesn't help the bike at all in standing. I recommend sourcing a bike stand if you like to make the Extender stand upright. Overall, I'm a happy camper.

I don't know if Bandai will release a SHF version of the Gatack Extender, but for me this bike is already solid and highly recommended because of its simplicity and execution. 





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